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Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"If you are having back pain, this is the place to go. Until now, I was too stubborn to see a chiropractor, mostly because I did not believe in them. Recently, a friend was visiting from overseas and twisted his back wrong. He asked me to find a chiropractor who could see him on Saturday morning. That narrowed the choices considerably. Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic was the first place I found that had an open slot. My friend limped in, and walked out smiling after a few minutes. He raved about how good the technique was. He said he uses chiropractors all the time and this was by far, his best experience. Quick, and technique rather than strength. So here I am at 60, with low back ache for the past 21 years that I acquired from a 35-year military career. I made an appointment and the doctor did an examination. Physically, he showed me how range of motion in my right leg was compromised because of a chronic lumbar problem. He also showed me how rang of motion in my neck was degraded because of a thoracic vertebrae problem. After showing me x-rays which confirmed both spinal issues, he told me he could get me out of pain and improve range of motion. Surprisingly, he took only a few minutes to end 21 years of chronic pain and improve range of motion in my right leg. Later, as I was backing out of a parking stall, I realized that I was able to look almost directly to the rear over my shoulder. So, Dr. Carr doesn't waste my time, and is very, very effective; absolutely worth the cost. Like so many things in life, you get what you pay for."

- Ron J

Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"I have been to numerous Chiropractors over the years and received care that ranges the entire board. I believe in Chiropractic Medicine because it works. I have numerous medical problems and am seen regularly by numerous chiropractors. The top three problems are arthritis, herniated discs x3 and SI joint problems. I have tried the injections, steroids, epidurals and physical therapy without success. Being adjusted by a chiropractor is the only thing that has offered relief. In the past with other chiropractors, the adjustment got me back on feet and able to move but had never lasted more than a day and I was right back in the office again. Dr. Carr and his team have been able to completely transform my life. Through education on my back, my systems, exercise, diet and an overall idea of healthy living, my body and overall health has done a 180.

I have been able to discontinue numerous pain medications. I am now in a rigorous exercise program. Something that I never thought I would be able to do again. I am now living the life that I did 10 years ago!

Dr. Carr and his team are professional, caring and there to help you.

I do understand the general belief about Chiropractors as I have been to many and yes there are some out there that you would not want treating you. Dr. Carr has the knowledge and ability to help you heal your body. You do have to put in the work on your side.

This is a family run office and they encourage and invite your entire family into the office. This is huge since I have two young boys under the age of 7."

- Jenny F

Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"I've been going to Dr. Carr's office for over 4 months now and he is GREAT! I went in for neck and lower back pain with some leg tingling too. As of right now, my symptoms have slowly diminish and now feel great. The office staff is very supportive and welcoming. Every time I walk into the office they immediately greet me with a smile.

On my first visit Dr. Carr explained with details the process of the problem and the solution to the problem. He took X-Rays that first visit and phoned me that same evening explaining the x-rays. I was surprise to receive a phone call from a Dr. in the evening...Who does that? We scheduled an appointment to review my X-rays in more depth. I'm still attending Dr. Carr office on a weekly basis and can say that am feeling much better. I made the right choice in choosing Stanford Chiropractic Center....my pain is gone!"

- Mari I

Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"Dr Carr treated me for a severe lower back and pelvic pain after the birth of my first son and I completely recovered within a few months. (So Grateful!) Then during the pregnancy of my second son received treatment throughout my pregnancy ensuring a very successful delivery. Now my older son and toddler and I get adjusted regularly by Dr Carr.

Dr Carr is very friendly and caring. He loves what he does and is very good at it. He doesn't hesitate to answer all your questions about your treatment and still manages to get you in and out in a jiffy!

When coming to see Dr Carr there is hardly ever a wait time. The office staff is very friendly and professional. There is always a very positive atmosphere. They are very kid friendly (they even have free snacks for them!) I'd recommend Dr Carr to anyone!"

- Alisha

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Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"Dr. Carr has been taking excellent care of me since 1998. His skill and care helped me overcome chronic sport related injuries that were not well managed with Western Medicine. He is always available and easy to contact. Dr. Carr as well as the entire office is warm and welcoming with an amazing positive outlook. Over the years he has also taken care of my husband and two children, often at the spur of the moment. I wouldn't go anywhere else and have yet to find a way to properly thank him for all the care he has shown us through the years."

- Rachel F

Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"Been going to Dr. Carr over for a year now and getting long term care has really really really helped my lower back pain. ( degenerative disk disease ) Before going to Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic I had just seen a chiro when the pain got unbearable but with my condition that is not the way to go. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Always fit me in if I need to move around appointments and also the appointments aren't dragged out. You go in and get adjusted and go about your day. Love it here!"

- Rena L

Palo Alto Auto Accident Injury Clinic Testimonial

"I woke up one morning with my back giving out completely; I could only crawl, but not stand, sit, or anything. With a toddler in my care and a husband on a business trip I chose to call Dr. Carr because I'd heard through the grapevine that he made house calls (which Dr. nowadays does?!?!). I called, and sure enough, Dr. Carr showed up at my doorstep 45 minutes later with his adjusting table in tow, as well as his wife Anne to watch over my little one while he got me back on my feet. If that's not service, then I don't know what is! He hung out with me for almost a half hour to make sure I was ok (under the circumstances). Later that afternoon I went to his office for x-rays to see what was going on.

His assistant, Fernando, sat down with me after the diagnosis was made and talked to me very straightforward about the recommended length and frequency of treatment, as well as the cost. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I didn't know what to expect. I thought to myself I'd commit to the first round (until the next x-ray) and then see if there was, indeed, a change.

And am I glad I did!! Not only is my back really looking a *lot* better on the x-ray, but Dr. Carr is really someone who LOVES what he does, and it shows. I mentioned an ongoing RSI/carpal tunnel problem that had been bothering me for years, and he got rid of that too, quite quickly actually. Little did I know a few wrist adjustments would do the trick.

His entire team is just really, really nice, friendly, caring and funny and I can't wrap my head around a negative comment about them. He rocks, he's my "new best friend", and if I could give him more than 5 stars. I would."

- Rocio

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